Bither Platform (BTR) ICO Review & Token Sale Information

ICO Details


Bither Platform is a three-layer network that is capable of running smart contracts and different projects on all three layers. In this network, miners are allowed to mine on any layer and any project that they prefer without any obligation on staying on one network. In addition, Bither platform has a solution for the energy consumption on PoW mechanism in which miners' excess computing power is going to be used on valuable computations such as scientific researches and universities in need of computing power. Masternodes control this process and help to keep the network secure while running smoothly.

Trusted Master Nodes On Bither Platform Network

Masternodes in Bither Platform collect various network information and process them, they also collect and store the latest blockchain state, monitor the performance of miners, other Masternodes and the distribution of computing power in the network. These roles are very essential and require prerequisites such as 3000 BTR, so in return, they receive 10% of the total rewards earned by the miners.

Multi Mining

The mining mechanism in Bither Platform is based on the Mitigated PoW, where improvements have been made to prevent wastage of computing power. In multi-mining, miners in addition to mining the original coin will benefit from all the projects associated with the platform. They can also customize their computing power and use it on different projects simultaneously. By using the Bither Stock network, they can lease all their computing power and cover their costs, or even profit in the downtrends.