Crypto poker tournament 2020

Crypto vs. COVID-19 Charity Poker Tournament April 2020

Play for Charities on the Front Lines

To help fight the rapidly spreading COVID-19 or Coronavirus, Satstreet and The Giving Block have organized an online poker tournament on Thurs April 9th at 8pm EST to raise money for charities on the frontlines of this crisis. The event will be capped at 2,000 players with fifty (50%) of all proceeds being donated to the participating nonprofits and fifty (50%) split at the final table. We also welcome and encourage you to donate directly to the cause:

​To see a full list of participating nonprofits, please visit:
Featured Players of the Crypto vs. Covid Poker Tournament:
  • Charlie Lee
  • Charlie Shrem
  • Tone Vays
  • Anthony Di Iorio
  • Trevor Koverko
  • Ameer Rosic

You can register to play with Bitcoin, other crypto or USD.

Ticket: $100

Official Website:

Tournament Details

April 9, 2020 - 8 pm EST (5 pm PST)

Game Format
No Limit Hold'em
9 Players Per Table
3,000 Starting Chips
5 min Blinds (starting at 15/30)
5 min breaks at 8:55 pm EST and 9:55 pm EST

Final Table - 9 Players will receive 50% of the pool
1st Place - 45%
2nd Place - 20%
3rd Place - 11%
4th Place - 7%
5th Place - 5%
6th Place - 4%
7th Place - 3%
8th Place - 3%
9th Place - 2%

The winners of the event will be contacted by email after the event. Winners that did not properly register or email their alias prior to the beginning of the tournament will be disqualified. The next best player will be awarded their prize.