Grand Opening Event: Swapchain Project

Swapchain by Swaptech recently came together in Kuala Lumpa to demonstrate their product to the world. Swapchain provides the infrastructure for financial institutions to offer and engage in OTC cryptocurrency swaps. The team has great knowledge and experience in the fields of business and blockchain technology.

Swap tech is a project development company based in Hong Kong, the financial centre of Asia,

Their mission is to create a revolution in: 

Global payment solutions: Swapchain aims to create a platform to facilitate applications to solve payment problems in everyday life, especially mini-payments through the use of blockchain technology. Swapchain will be rolled out to meet the increasing demand for non-cash payment needs in the world.

Strategy: With our experienced technology team in Dubai developing BFT technology aimed at solving three technological problems: transaction fees, transaction confirmation speed & security.

On 23 February 2019, the grand launch of the Swapchain project took place at the Bejaya Time Square Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Leaders and investors from all around the world came to event in KL, Malaysia to find more information about Swapchain project.

Guests gathering.

Hundreds of investors from Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, the Philippines and Vietnam.

The event begins with hundreds of guests in the central ballroom, listening to the presentation of Swapchain project

Speakers of Swapchain project explaining details to international investors.

The atmosphere at in the ballroom heats up with the appearance of Mr Aron Mooyly – Blockchain expert – sharing information about the Swapchain project.

The Swapchain team.

The information provided about the Swapcard ecosystem and Swapchain Exchange received a buzz of interest from investors.


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